Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nicaragua 2016: Mid-Trip Update from Melissa

Melissa Lindsey is one of the moms who's on the trip - she, her husband, and three of her four kids...  Here's her update, along with some photos (I only included photos that Anna and Ben are in):  "Mid-trip update. All is well and all are healthy. Lots of kids coming to VBS and some of the guys have been working extremely hard digging trenches for concrete. It is hot during the day but mercifully cool at night. Thanks for your prayers."

Nicaragua 2016: Update (July 24)

I remember writing and I thought I saved/published it, but I can't find it here.  So I'll give it another go...

Josh Johnson, our church's youth pastor who is leading the team in Nicaragua, posted on Facebook on July 24th:  "NICARAGUA UPDATE: The start of the ministry week has been busy with church services, volcano sightings, tearing down the old church and digging footings for the new, lots of singing and preaching, and so many children who are getting as worn out as us. Prayer for continued health, energy, and language clarity as we share about Jesus would be greatly appreciated!"  

Here are some photos:

Friday, July 22, 2016

Nicaragua 2016: Praising God

Praising God for safe travel, all of our luggage arriving, good team spirit, and being reunited with our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Journey Mercies: Traveling to Nicaragua

First off, let me tell you that I'm not Anna - she gave me, her mom, access to her blog so I can keep it updated, as I'm updated, in regards to her trip/mission to Nicaragua.

Her dad and I got Anna and her brother to church for 3 a.m.  As they were loading up the bus and getting going, a mighty wind/rain storm swept through.  (It was so bad in some places:  Duluth issued a "no travel" warning due to damage, and several people were killed in the Boundary Waters.  All I saw in this area was many, many garbage cans - it's garbage day here - tipped over/spilled out onto yards and into the street.)

They got down to Minneapolis.  Some of the team took an early flight while the rest enjoyed a "layover" before they even got started, waiting for a later flight to Dallas.  I think, once they were all in Dallas, they were to travel together on to Miami, but it sounds like some team members went on ahead on another flight.  Unfortunately, the flight that the (larger) remainder of the team was on got delayed and, for awhile, we weren't sure they'd make their last connection in Miami.

They did, by "the skin of their teeth", as the saying goes.  As I write this, they are still "taxiing (pushed from the gate 16 minutes ago)" but not yet in flight.  Josh Johnson, our church's youth pastor who is bringing/leading them, posted on Facebook:  "Everyone is on the plane and we are about to depart to Nicaragua! Pray our luggage makes it, we just about didn't."  Pretty much everyone had big, full suitcases with not just their own belongings but also supplies needed for VBS, etc.  So, praying that those suitcases somehow got on the plane - and, if not, hoping that everyone's carry-on's were smartly packed.