Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fair, Fun, and Food

Sorry I haven't posted recently. I've been busy doing nothing. First things first: I went to the state fair several Fridays back w. my grandma, Marlene. I went crazy on fair food but despite what you might think, I never even got a stomachache. It's just not possible for me to get sick from food. Anywho, I shared two things of cheese curds with my family (financed by grandma) and bought one for myself. Then, I bought myself a bag of cotton candy. We also watched the Shenaniguns Comedy Wild West Show which was so stupid it was hilarious.

  Last night, I went to youth group for the first time at first I was nervous, but after a while I loved it. Also, today I made ginger crinkle cookies. Only thing is: I forgot the ginger. They still tasted great though!

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