Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Week

     My week wasn't super interesting. It was a little fun though.On Monday I pretty much did the usual: school. I also started reading "The Hiding Place". I read the first three chapters. After school, I watched "Fireproof", starring my favorite actor: Kirk Cameron. For the most part it was a boring day.
     On Tuesday, I did school and then went over to SCCS for choir practice. We had a substitute. She hadn't looked at the music ahead of time so she was "winging it". I went to Savers and got two shirts and a vest (if you could call it that) I went home and watched more "Fireproof". I read chapters 4 and 5 of "The Hiding Place".
     On Wednesday, I wrote a report about the Cheyenne Indians. I'll do that post next. I did school, watched "Facing the Giants", and went to youth group at 6:30. Matt talked about anger (a big thing with me; when I get angry, I get REEEAAALLLLLLY angry.). I came home and watched part of "End of the Spear".
     On Thursday, I did school and went to choir. When I came home I finished "End of the Spear" and watched "Beyond the Gates of Splendor". I was surprised (and amazed) to learn that my mom has met Steve Saint son of Nate Saint who was a missionary pilot who was killed along with four other friends: Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderien.
     On Friday, I did my schoolwork and then became so bored that I began to organize our VHS cabinet. Even today (Monday) I'm not done. We had one of my borther's friends over to sleep over and went to a "game night" at our friends' house. It was awesome! And funny! Our friends are a real comedy act! I also got to try some cookies! Yum!

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