Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friend Favorites

   I never realized until now how many things my best friend, Eden, and I have in common. Some of these I already new, though.

1: We both like to read. I'm into romance novels and she's into fantasy, especially books about elves.
2: We both enjoy painting fingernails. We don't care whose nails they are.
3: We both enjoy listening to music. In fact, right now I'm listening to David Archuleta.
4: We both enjoy watching "girly" movies. Again, I prefer romance to any other kind.
5: We both would rather play Nintendo DS than any other screen time. Except maybe internet for me.
6: We both enjoy going on walks. And I prefer to walk with her (I hope it's the same for her).
7: We both prefer Bible to every other class in school.
8: We're both also good at language and math.
9: We both enjoy special time with our parents.
10: We both like to shop for just about anything. I do hate grocery shopping though.

   I knew most of these things, but it's still fun to see what we both enjoy!

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