Friday, April 1, 2011

Across the Universe: Book Report

   A long time ago I told you about a book I wanted to read called "Across the Universe".  Now, I've read it myself.

   "Across the Universe" is about a girl named Amy who was cryogenically frozen along with her parents and placed on a ship heading for another planet: a new earth. Amy and the other frozen passengers are set to be unfrozen when they land (300 years from takeoff). Someone unplugs her cryo chamber and she is nearly killed. The ship she wakes up on is still 50 years from landing and everyone is insane. The only normal people are the ones in the mental part of the hospital and are "crazy". And the ship is lead by a tyrannical and evil man: Eldest. Amy, along with some of her new friends (which includes the rebellious teen, Elder, who is the next Eldest) must find the person trying to kill the frozens and stop him before he destrys them all.

   I don't suggest this book as reading material for anyone younger than 15. It talks about "heat" and "mating seasons" as the people on the ship go through that. During they're mating season everyone walks around in absolutely nothing but skin and does whatever they want with whomever they please. It is, however, very interesting and I found it extremely hard to pull away from the book.

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