Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ben's Birthday Party

   Ben's birthday party was great (for me AND him)! Oddly enough, I actually enjoyed it. That was partially because I got to take a bunch of pictures and partially because Ben's friends kept him busy so he didn't really have tho options of fighting with me or bugging me. Anyhow, several of Ben's friends came: Jackson H., Jackson R., Jeremy, and Matthew. As people were arriving, the played basketball in the driveway:
J.R.'s shot.
   Then, the some of the guys went inside and took turns battling each other on Ben's new wii game "Excite Truck" while the others played "Settlers of Cataan":
The birthday boy!!
   After that the next thing I know about them doing was having dessert. You know how most kids want a cake for their birthday? Well, not Ben. He hates cake. So instead, they had root beer floats.
   After that, they went to the park, and got back in time for a supper of grilled hot dogs, various veggies, and potato chips. After that they played until everyone was gone except for Jackson H. Jackson slept over and is still here.
   Last night, after everyone was gone, Dad, Ben, Jackson, and I played one of the multiple versions of Monopoly. It is the version with the electronic banking system that sings. And (this is nearly impossible) Ben went bankrupt! So all in all, Ben's party was great!

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