Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Choir/Band Concert

   Yesterday, we had a choir concert. We also had an "unplanned" practice at 2:00.

The music room without the instruments. It's so empty!
   The band and choir concert was at 7:00. First, the different bands were playing it lasted for over half of the concert. Us choir students got the choice to either stay in the music room or come listen. I made a bad choice: the music room. I was really bored so I took some pictures:

I thought this looked pretty.

Still pretty.

   When it was our turn to go out and sing, we all went out into the hall and got lined up. We entered the gymn and got prepared to sing. Our first song was "In Christ Alone". Next we sang "O Sifuni Mungu". After that, most of us cleared off of the stage so that the girls ensemble could sing their song ( I can't remember what it is). The guys' ensmble sang "I Don Quixote" (Man of La Mancha). Then, we all came back on stage and sang "And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears", "The Prayer", and "Take Me to the Water". We didn't sing the songs quite like the following versions, but still...:

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