Monday, May 16, 2011

College Grads

   On Friday, I went to my cousin's college graduation. The commencement was very long and boring. Compared to the about 15 or 16 graduates I'm used to, there was a multitude (a.k.a. 700-something). Even thought there were over 700 graduates, only 400-something grads showed up. To make it worse, my cousin was in the last group.
   After the ceremony was over, though, we all went to Jen (my cousin) and her mom's house. We had supper (I had a light one) and us kids played with and distracted the two doges (Bella and Bentley) while everyone else ate. Bella is such a sweet, calm, cuddly little dog. For a while I would just call her over to me and she would lie down on my lap while I pet her.
   Bentley, on the other hand, is as hyper and crazy as a two-year-old boy on a sugar high. It took half the party to calm him down. But when he finally calmed down, he let me carry him around with me. I need to get me a Bentley!
Me and Bentley

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