Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frontier Lady: Book Report

   "Frontier Lady" by Judith Pella is a very interesting and captivating work of historical fiction. It is about a young lady named Deborah who, in an attempt to escaped the tragedies of her past, marries a man whom she thinks is kind, and finds out too late that his intentions are less than perfect. After several years in his clutches, she manages to escape, with the price of murder on her head.

   "Frontier Lady" is a romantic, historical fiction. It's in the young adult reading level and has content that I believe to be alright. She is is brutally abused by her husband, rescued by a group of criminals who turn out to be more kind than they appear, and meets an ex-Texas Ranger-turned-preacher. She also, falls in love with, marries, and lives with the generally peaceful southern tribe of Cheyenne indians (also witnessing some of the battles such as the "Battle of the Washita"). At one point she is even accused of becoming pregnant with her first husband's half brother but it is made obvious to the reader that she did not.. I enjoyed this book and I hope anyone else who reads it will also.

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