Friday, May 6, 2011

National Day of Prayer

   Yesterday, as you probably know, was the National Day of Prayer. For NDP, my choir went to the St. Cloud courthouse to perform:
The whole choir (except for Alec- she wasn't at school at all that day).
   It was truly a time of worship. We sang a lot of different worship songs with the audience, prayed like crazy (duh), and my choir performed two songs. Some people were even dancing for the Lord like David did in 2 Samuel 6:14- Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing befor the Lord with all his might,. It was amazing!
   After we had lunch we went to perform the choir section of the concert at two different nursing homes. First, we went to Country Manor. We performed all of our choir songs: "In Christ Alone", "O Sifuni Mungu", "And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears", "The Prayer", and "Take Me to the Water". The guys' ensemble sang their song, "I Don Quixote" (Man of La Mancha), and the girls' ensemble sang their song, "Deo Dicamus Gratias".
   Then, we went to The Good Shepherd and did the whole rutine over again. At first, it looked like not very many of the elderly came to watch us sing because there weren't very many people there. But after our performance, one of the workers there pointed out a video camera at the back of the room. She told us that they had that camera hooked up to a lot of TVs throughout the building and that at least 100 more people were watching from their rooms! That was so cool!

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