Friday, June 24, 2011

VBS 2011

For safety purposes I have changed the names of the children mentioned in this post.
   This has been a hectic week for me. This was my first year as a VBS staff member and I was in the 2's and 3's class (it was just staff kids). There were some very naughty boys in there. For the first few days everything was fine (aside from shy, scared, and crying kids). Then everything turned hectic yesterday.
   First, NaughtyBoy got out of the room without a teacher and Kristina (one of the other leaders in our class) had to chase him around for 10 to 20 minutes. When she caught him and brought him back to our room (after talking with his mom about his actions), he still would not behave. He went into the closet and "whoosh!", he knocked down everything within reach, spreading it all across the floor. And Follower, being the follower he is, joined him. Then, it was craft time, and rather than do his craft, NaughtyBoy "hid" under the table. After that, he proceeded to knock down all the books, the cribs, the giant legos bin, and the tool area.
   Next, he got out of the room (again) and was running up and down the hall. I don't know why, but we didn't think of trying to capture him and drag him back inside. Sure enough, he disappeared. Kristina and I went to search for him, going opposite directions down the hall and leaving our other leader, Kris, to watch the rest of the kids. Soon, we had everyone in the building who was not already busy looking for him. Kristina went back to the room to help Kris, and the rest of us continued the search. After maybe about 20 minutes or so, someone found him in the women's restroom by the kitchen. His mom brought him back to the room, made him apologize for his misbehaviour, and help clean up the room. Then, she made him thank me for cleaning the closet (I did so during and after craft time, until it was spotless and neatly organized). That, was just yesterday.
   Today, his madcapped capers continued. Kristina and I took the kids to the opening program as usual. On the way back, no one was holding the rope to carried that. I was also carrying Follower's bag (he needed to be changed) and my camera. Kristina had Adorable and Cuddler and NaughtyBoy, Follower, and CutiePie ran ahead. I told them to stop and they waited for me at the nursery door. When I caught up, they ran on ahead. I told them to stop several times, but they did not. By the time I reached our room, they were around the corner. CutiePie came back and obediently went into the room while I quickly explained to Kris what was going on and droped everything I was carrying on top of the cubbies. Kristina was unable to go after them because she had Adorable and Cuddler, so it was up to me.
   I raced after them, but they were nowhere in sight. I went down the hall in the direction a was sure they had gone and caught a glimpse of Follower in the coat room. My mom was right there and went to get NaughtyBoy's mother while the dad of one of Ben's friends and I carried back them back to the room. NaughtyBoy's mom met us and took him from us just as we get to the room. My point is, we need to develop a leash system for the 2's and 3's.

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