Monday, June 13, 2011

Wisconsin Dells

   Last Saturday morning, Dad woke me up at 6:00... to go to Wisconsin Dells. My grandma had been invited to a graduation party for someone who I'm not sure how we're related to (Travis). Dad, Ben, and I left the house at 7:30 a.m. and drove down to Grandma's house to pick her up. We crossed the Minnesota-Wisconsin border at 10:15 and kept driving for a few more hours. We stopped at Subway at about 12:00 for lunch and kept going. When we got to the Dells we stopped for a bathroom break and went on to Travis's house. We stayed for a little over an hour (Grandma said we had to stay for a bare minimum of an hour).
We then went and checked into our motel (a Super 8 Motel). We went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum (which was "Ben's choice"). It was amazing! I felt like I had just stepped onto the set of an Indiana Jones movie! After that, we walked around a little and even got down to the boat docks (which I don't think we were supposed to be on). We went to Pizza Pub for supper (after Grandma scolded Dad for never taking us to any Pizza Pub before). By the way, they have the best raspberry iced tea I've had in my entire life!
   After supper, we went back to the motel and changed into our swimming suits. Grandma and I went down without the guys because Ben realised his swimsuit didn't fit. We were there for about 25 minutes before the guys showed up. Dad had taken Ben to get a new swimsuit. Apparently, they found a Walmart just a little ways form the motel that was selling swimming trunks for really cheap (Ben's suit was just $8!) We swam until 10:00 (the pool was only open 'til 10 for kids). I read part of a biography about Angelina Jolie and went to bed at 12:00.
   I woke up at 7:00 a.m., just in time for breakfast. I was surprised by how much sleep I got. Usually I get way less because Dad snores, Ben snores, and I can't fall asleep when someone in the same room is snoring. Anyhow, We went down to breakfast, which consisted of donuts (the kind I don't like), juice, and toast. Since none of that was to my appeal, when we all went back to our room, I had half a bag of Doritos. Ben wanted to swim some more, but I didn't, so Dad, Grandma, and Ben went down to the pool while I read some more about Angelina Jolie.
   After that, we all packed up and checked out. Then, we went on the Original Wisconsin Ducks tour. It was really fun. The tour guide was really fun and kept telling us all sorts of comedic jokes; "This is Wisconsin so the jokes hear might be a little cheesy." At one point, when we were going to go into the water again, he stopped before hand and asked us if we wanted to go in fast or slow. Everyone said fast (except Ben who was starting to get a car-sick headache). He warned us there would be a big splash and then plunged in. Grandma and I were in one of the two back seats, so we both got wet. I ended up with one wet foot (luckily I was wearing flip flops) and the back of my head was slightly damp. Unfortunately, Grandma ended up with one soaked shoe and sock, along with a butt so wet it looked like she peed in her pants on the wrong side.
   For lunch, we went to Pizza Pub again for the buffet. Then, we went mini golfing at Pirate's Cove. The winner from each group would get a free ice cream cone (or dish) at the snack bar and Dad won with 47 points. He got rainbow sherbet. He also bought the rest of us some ice cream. Grandma also got rainbow sherbet, I think Ben got chocolate, and I got cookie dough. As we were leaving Pirate's Cove, we ran into a family that we know from church who were there for a family reunion.
   After mini golf, we went to a 25-minute "tour" called Top Secret. It's a mix of a fun house and a haunted house. It's completely and thrillingly scary, while at the same time being totally stupid and cheesy (not the food). It's basically an upside-down tour of the White House. Grandma and Dad thought it was a total waste of money, but Ben and I both loved it (except the part where we had to walk through a spinning tunnel on a special platform and Ben got a headache from being dizzy). With every turn there was something to scare us. We even had to walk through several pitch black tunnels with fake rat tails (or something of the sort) hanging down on us. I don't recommend anyone who is easily frightened to go on this tour.
   After this last thing, we left for home. At about 5:00, we took a pit stop at a gas station somewhere in Wisconsin. The gas station was connected to a Dairy Queen, so Dad bought us ice cream. I got a medium Cookie Dough Blizzard (as you can tell, cookie dough is my favorite kind of ice cream), Ben got a small M&M Blizzard and a small fries, Grandma got a small fries, and Dad got a medium Blizzard (I don't know what kind). We dropped Grandma off at her house at about 7:15, and finally got home a little after 10. I don't have enough room for pictures on this post (I took 73) so I'll make a separate post for them.

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