Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flooring... Our House

   On Saturday after the sleepover, I came home to a house in total disarray. Everything from the dining room had been relocated and somehow crammed into the living room. Just the day before, I had found out that we were going to be reflooring the dining room like the Theis'. And, we were going to use the same wood as they did! So Ben had convinced Dad that we should begin reflooring on Saturday. Woohoo [sarcastically]!
We ripped up the floor and I got the "wonderful" job of pulling up staples!!! Mr. Theis came over and he and Dad did some of the flooring. Then they noticed something; the spot in front of the deck door where we've let it rain in wasn't looking good. So they left that spot and they called it a night.
Me removing staples.
Dad removing flooring.
The floor without it's carpet.

The clutter.

The flooring that they got done on Saturday.
The wet spot.
   On Sunday, Mr. Theis came over after church to help finish the job. With him came Eden, Zeke, Josh, and Tirzah. Ben, Eden, and I took the littler ones to the park almost immediately. We got back, checked in to see how the "big biys" were doing, and then brought the kids downstairs to watch "Astroboy" on the PS2. Tirzah fell asleep during the movie (she was missing naptime) and when the movie was over, we made her comfortable and left, leaving the door open (she doesn't know how to open doors yet).
   We played games (Super Mario Bros. for the DS was a particular favorite) and Eden and I looked at stuff on my blog. After a while I heard something that sounded like crying, so we went to check it out. It turned out that a certain litle girl (hint, hint) locked herself in the guest room. She probably shut the door and, in trying to open it, accidentally turned the lock. Dad went to go find something to pick the lock with, but all we had to do was tell her to turn the lock and she was free! When they finally left, it was 8:39 that night. All in all, I had fun!
Zeke... monkeying around. He's good at that.

Josh... just hangin' out.

Tirzah.... the sun was probably in her eyes.
Tirzah was looking at a butterfly but it was one of those really tiny yellow ones so it didn't show up on the picture.

I LOVE this one!!!

Back home...
Dad... just chillin'.
Ahh. The last row.

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  1. It looks great so far! Are you all moved back in now? I need to come over and see it in person. :)