Thursday, September 1, 2011

MN State Fair 2011

   On Monday, my family went to the state fair for the second year in a row! We walked through several buildings; the Creative Activities building, the Education building, and the Eco Experience building. Then, we went over to the X-Zone to watch Flippenout, a trampoline stunt show which includes skis and snowboards. I took several videos of it, but this is the one that I like best:
   Then, the guys went off in search of a foot-long corn dog for Ben, while Grandma, Mom, and I went over to the pet center. I'm not sure what we did after that, but the next thing that I remember that we did was that Dad, Grandma, and I went to walk around in the Grandstand while mom and Ben went off to the DNR building. Grandma and I soon went over there (Mom and Ben were already gone) and Dad soon joined us. Then, we went over to the corn on the cob to meet up with Mom, Ben, and Mom's cousin and her family. Somewhere in there, we went to a Doggies of the Wild West show, and it was especially fun because all of the dogs were rescued! I had a great time at the fair!

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