Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Sad Kitty News

   We got some bad news today.  Mom took Tillie to her first vet visit, and they said she has feline leukemia, which is the feline worlds version of aids. A cat or kitten can be infected by simply being born to a cat who has it or sharing saliva with another cat or kitten that has it. It is highly contagious. Felines suffering from feline leukemia usually die young (some don't even make it to 10 months) and are much more susceptable to diseases. Each disease they get weakens their immune system and it takes them longer to recover from an illness, surgery, or being anesthetized. They are also prone to getting some human illnesses (I'm not sure which ones).    The vet explained several options we had; have her put down (which, in my opinion, is like having an abortion when you discover that your child will be born with some sort of disability; not a good option) (I don't think we're going to do that), search long and hard for a family that will take her (there are some families who purposely choose only kittens who've tested positive to feline leukemia specifically so they can foster other cats/kittens that have this illness, but they are VERY rare), or keep her and love her "until death do us part". I think we're planning on keeping her.

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