Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tillie- In Loving Memory

   I know I said that we weren't going to have Tillie put down, but I was wrong. We had her put down this afternoon. So I thought I'd write more about her, instead of the illness she had (my post on fe-luek can be found here:, and share some more pictures. You see, when we decided to have her put down, I went on a picture-taking spree. So...
This is my favorite picture of Tillie. She's on a support beam in my bedroom (she loved crawling up it, going all the way to the ceiling).
   - was a very playful little girl. Even at bedtime she wouldn't settle down; she spent an exuberant amount of time chasing after those wiggly little things that were hiding under the covers (my toes).
Eden probably misses Tillie more than I do, because she knew Tillie longer than I did.
   - was constantly purring. You pick her up, and she just starts purring. Her purring was a bit unusual, also; it sounded kind of like a chirp.
The best picture I got of her.
   - was an energetic, little climbing fuzzball.
Pirate Tillie!!!
   - was the sweetest kitten that I've ever known (yet).
   - was the last of her brothers and sisters to find a home (except for her half-sister, Tigerlily).
On the way to having her put down.
   - will be dearly missed.
Ben and Tillie when we first got her.

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  1. I know how much you loved her and doing this for her was a great act of love. Hugs! So sorry she had this so you couldn't enjoy a long kitty life with her.