Tuesday, October 18, 2011


   Guess what!!! We got a cute little kitten! Her name was Tidbit (she was the runt of the litter) but we changed it to Tillie. I first met her on Sunday at our friends, the Theis's house. There is a farm behind their house, and the mama cat had kittens. She then died, and the farmer was giving the kittens out for free. All of Tillie's sisters and her one brother had been taken by Sunday, when we went over to have our homeschool language class. That's when I met Tillie.
   Ben and I both then tried very hard to convince Mom and Dad to let us keep her. After a lot of thinkng and deciding, Dad said we could get her. So tonight, we went and got her. For now we are keeping her away from Moonlight, because we haven't visited the vet yet and we don't know what types of things she might have. She gets to sleep in my room and I've already completely kitten-proofed my room. I have a lot of tiny little spaces where she could crawl and I wouldn't be able to get her, so that wasn't all that easy.
   She has been VERY attached to me. Whenever I'm sitting on the ground, she comes and crawls up onto my lap. It actually can be quite painful, because she hasn't been declawed. I took a couple pictures, but my camera isn't with me right now so I'll post them later. See ya!

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