Thursday, March 22, 2012

Energy, Cats, Books, and More

   Okay, quick update... On Monday, I was learning about energy, it's sources, and it's cycle. Here's a picture of my illustration of "Life's Energy Cycle":
   Okay so, today I got "mauled" by a cat. Something set him off, and he just went at me:

It's swollen, but I think I'll be fine.
    In other news, I got two new books to read... BTW, "His Eyes" was great... No inappropriate behavior (that I can remember)... It was an all-around great book. So, back to those other two books. The first one is "A Million Suns" by Beth Revis. It's the sequel to "Across the Universe", which I read a while back and loved. The other is "Two-Way Street" by Lauren Barnholdt. It's about a girl named Courtney who's planning on going cross-country with her boyfriend to the college that they're both gonna go to. But then, he dumps her, and they still go on the road trip.
   Also, Mom said that if I get my schoolwork done tomorrow, I get to go to see The Hunger Games... Mom says she's going regardless of if she has to go alone (the same schoolwork rule applies to Ben, too). Soo excited!!! Well... bye...

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