Monday, May 14, 2012

So Much...

   So much that I haven't taken the time to post about yet!!! Okay, well, probably about a week ago, the copy of "The Reckoning" by Kelley Armstrong that I won arrived, along with some bookmarks and a note from Nichole at Y.A. Reads.
   So, I know it's hard to read the note, but it's just you're basic congratulations, we hope to see more of "yoo" (yep, she did make that mistake). She also wrote ".com" as ".can"... But I'm not trying to criticize, I'm just really picky about some of that stuff.
   Also, last Thursday evening, my choir had our concert, and we had a great time! (Oh, no, that's only one !... Guess I need to add more) !! Let's see, as a whole choir, we performed "Shut De Do", "Soli Deo Gloria", "True Light" (a, ahem, different/less-little-kiddish/more-fun version of "This Little Light of Mine"), "Bonse Aba"... I think I'm forgetting some. Oh, well! The various ensembles performed songs such as "The Trolley Song" from the musical "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "Think of Me" from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera". And I like them so much, I just had to put these two songs on here.
   Also, today we took a "field trip" with the Theises (that is, Mrs. Theis and the oldest three kids). We all went to Cold Spring to learn about drugs. There was a police officer who came and talked to us about how to tell if someone is doing drugs, police work, and some of the different things that he has encountered in arresting/stopping people. He talked about some of the ingredients in some of the different drugs that are out there and now I'm even more set against doing drugs than I was before. I mean, seriously, I do not want to be putting various cleaning chemicals in my body. That's just insane!! Also, he did a demonstration with his police dog, one that's specifically trained to find drugs. Along with that he talked about college courses, getting a job (specifically how he got his job), and was showing people his squad car (which we didn't get to see because we had to leave).
   BTW, apparently the back seat of his squad car is completely hard plastic because he's had lots of people wet themselves back there (probably fear?). He also showed us samples of various drugs, as in the actual thing. He had drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstacy, weed, and k2, which is a synthetic drug. He also brought along various pipes and some items that people use to hide drugs from others so we could see. We all (except, maybe, for one of us) enjoyed the trip, and it got us talking about what we want to do when we grow up. So, yeah, I've had a great time recently.
   Oh, I just remembered; I recently started reading "The Phantom of the Opera" (yes, this was a result of choir). So far, it's been pretty easy reading for me, especially compared to when I read "Pride and Prejudice" and when I attempted to read "Sense and Sensibility". So, well, that's pretty much it!!!

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