Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthdays, Garage Sales, Christmas Presents, and More

   This is really overdue, but happy birthday, Ben! (Not that he reads my blog.) Okay, so his birthday was almost two weeks ago on Tuesday, but I just didn't feel like posting about it. For his party on the 1st, he had Caleb, Chase, and Trenton over. They played basketball, baseball, kube (that's how it's pronounced... I don't know how to spell it), etc. Ben doesn't like cake frosting, so we had ice cream and then Dad got the backyard "campfire" going and we roasted marshmellows while parents began to show up. I think it turned out well.
   Recently, I started both the Tyndale House Publishers Summer Reading Program and the Great River Regional Library Teen Summer Reading Program. The Tyndale House Publishers one is where you read a book off of their list, post about it in three places (they give you specific options), and then for every five books you read and review, you get to pick a book off of their prize list. I already completed my first book for this program... here's my review:
   On Wednesday night, the youth group had a grill out at Wilson Park... YUM and FUN!!! I rode with Theises, so (as always) the ride was full of laughs. When we got there, Mitch said he was just going to drop us off and go. When he noticed the guys were playing football, however, he joined them. For the most part we kind've just hung around and talked. When Josh Johnson (the "director of student ministries") called everyone over to pray over the food (which wasn't yet ready) Mitch once again said he was going to leave and then proceeded to play some more football. The food started to be done (yeah, I know, sounds weird the way I said it, but you get the idea) and so us girls got ourselves served up. Then, (and I have to say it this way, because the image is planted in my brain so firmly this way) all the guys (those who were playing football, so I guess 98 percent of them) come in this one massive horde, ready to eat. Mitch left. (Mitch, if you're reading this, I'm not trying to pick on you. It's just that the beginning of the story is really boring without you in there, and probably even with you in there.)
   As people finished eating, we all kind of dispersed, and then Josh called us back together again. He talked a little bit about still coming to youth group during the summer, and not wasting our summer. Then, we sang some worship songs led by Nick (I call him "New Nick) because of the way he introduced himself at the beginning of youth group: "Hi, I'm new. My name's not 'New' it's 'Nick'.") After that, Josh called those of us who wanted to to share our testimonies. I did (and trust me, it was under a lot of urging from God... I did NOT want to get up there and speak in front of other people). Then everyone just split up and played various different games as parents arrived. Over all I had a great time.

   Alright, we're almost to today. So yesterday, on top of my usual two hours at the Tri-County Humane Society, I spent from 3:30 to 8:00 at church helping with our second annual Orphan Ministry Garage Sale. I had a great time, and I already started my Christmas shopping. I got Christmas presents for TEN people... that's right, TEN. Then I went back today and got presents for four more people, and came home with a paper sack filled with books (when am I going to have the time for all of them?). That prompted me to sort through all of my bookshelves... Now I have a completely full paper sack of books to donate next year. Mom still has to go through them though, to make sure I don't accidentally give away some of her books. My shelf feels empty... Before it was packed aws tight as I could make it, but now it feels like a monster swallowed my books (most of which I never read). It's so lonely...

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