Friday, August 3, 2012

A Lot...

Has happened since I posted last. And yes, I am going to say, "I'm sorry". And yes, you are probably going to here it about a trillion more times...
      - July 12th: MY BIRTHDAY!!! I turned 15!!! Some of the presents I got were... a free 1.5 gal. fish tank (complete with gravel, bubbler, and decor) from Eden (thank you... and thanks to Sneads for giving it to her), a betta fish (I payed for Alpha myself), the complete "Hunger Games" trilogy, the movies "Pride and Prejudice" (2005 version) and "Jane Eyre" (2011 version), and, of course, I got the gift of continued existence... Thank you God!!! (No I am NOT hinting at anything. I just don't give God enough credit.)
      - Theises started (and finished) a new home improvement project; Adding to their driveway. You see, they have a very large fifteen-passenger van (as well as a car) and a very normal-sized driveway. Also... you know what? I'll just let you read about it in Steph's post (A Concrete Project) if you care enough. But yeah, so, like always, Dad went over several times to help out.
      - Grandma Marlene and Dad took me, Ben, and two of my cousins (Abby and Paige) to the Mall of America. Grandma was watching them that week, their Mom and Dad did a little weekend swap, and WALA!!! We were on a Northstar train (my first train trip!!!) headed for the cities. We did so much! We... Stuffed ourselves at BOTH food courts (we split up), got desperately lost in "The Amazing Mirror Maze" (WAAAY more scary than it looked in the pamphlet), got Paige a Build-a-Bear (or more correctly a "build-a-sabertooth tiger"), and got the best frozen yogurt to ever exist (so good I might even say It was from Heaven) from Freeziac. Here are a few photos:
Ben and Dad...
... And Grandma!!!
Nickelodeon Universe
Ben, Dad, Paige, and Abby on our way back to the Target Feild Station.
In the van, on the way home... So beautiful.
      - I spent last weekend at Aunt Nancy's... Always so much fun! We went to Chaska River City Days, went to the local community theater group's performance of "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim, and to the movie "Brave". We also watched the entirety of the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony... Anyone who missed that really missed out. I had a great time!!!
      - And I got another fish tank!!! Super happy!!!
It was actually a realy great deal... $25 for the tank, filter, and rocks/sand/gravel whereas from Petsmart that would be about $55. Yeah, Craigslist rocks!!!

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