Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cultivate & Reece's Rainbow

     I just got the news; REECE'S RAINBOW is up for a $50,000 GRANT!!!  CULTIVATE WINES has selected Reece's Rainbow to take part in their "The Give".  Reece's Rainbow says that the money will be given as $5,000 GRANTS to EACH OF TEN ORPHANS with down syndrome around the world. This will help them to get families, and the families to be able to bring them home. All we need to do is VOTE!!! I am sad that I can not vote, as I am under the 21 YEARS OF AGE limit, but those of you who are old enough, please, please, please, pretty please, I AM BEGGING YOU to please vote... now: VOTE HERE. Just think of the children who's lives you might really, trully, literally be saving. Please vote.

Here's the link to the newsletter I recieved: "BIG NEWS!!"

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