Tuesday, March 26, 2013


   So, this past Sunday, Brandon Heath and Mandisa came to town for their 3 in 1 Tour... Totally rad!!! I was very fortunate: The people running the concert allowed our youth group in for free as long as we didn't take seats or get in the way (after all, it was at our church, and it was while youth group was supposed to be happening). So we met at the youth room and went to the concert. Definitely the best concert I've ever been to!
   It was an amazing night of worship, fellowship, and comedy. The one regret I have is that I didn't stay long enough to get my photo taken with them, but oh well! One thing that I did NOT expect was that Mitch Theis, Micah, Eden, Caleb, Mitch's sister, Holly, and her husband, Kyle, would be there. It turns out that all of them (except Caleb, who just tagged along) were all there helping out with merch sales. I took this picture...
... during the intermission, before Eden knew I was there. I was going to simply go home and post it on Facebook, and tag her in it, all the while not allowing her to know I was there until she sees the photo. It didn't really work out as I chose to come buy a Brandon Heath shirt. But the concert was great regardless!
Mandisa did a TON of dancing!!!
I almost didn't recognize Brandon Heath when he came out on stage like this... He looked like he could've been a part of a TobyMac concert! Then he had to run backstage to get into "his" clothes.

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