Tuesday, November 26, 2013


   Yeah, I haven't posted in QUITE a while. I've never met (or come across) someone who posts every day. Anyhow, I intend to be posting more often. Starting in December (because I can't wait until the new year) I will be attempting a photo-a-day challenge... for an ENTIRE year. Of course, I will miss some days. In fact, I probably will. But it's mostly just to practice and improve my photography. And on that note, here are some quickie updates (and some photography):

Just chillin'

   Also, I got a new auntie!!! I am so glad to have a new tía and am very excited to get to know her! Te quiero, tía Norma!

I love clouds... and night...

... and wet driveways...

... and leaves...
... and dark alleyways lit by streetlamps.
Dad, Ben, and I got to go to a concert by Newsboys, Rapture Ruckus, For King and Country, and Moriah Peters. It was AWESOME!!!

Not to mention the drummer's stand that lifts off the ground, turns almost completely vertical to the stage, and rotates both clockwise AND counter-clockwise... BLEW MY MIND!
   Then, Ben and I went with our youth group to Fall Retreat, where we studied Community, I learned to play football (well, I know barely enough to scrape by), and I got some GREAT shots of the lake:


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  1. I saw Newsboys several years ago. They were awesome and I also found the moving drum stage totally cool.