Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blizzard 2014 - Pics

   Okay, I know I didn't take very many pics of people, but here's what I did take. Warning, I'm obsessed with pics of snow, bare trees, and snow in bare trees.

{Frost on the windows in the bus.}

 {Perfectly feasible option for keeping our stuff dry, don't you think?}

{Our cabin.} 

 {Evil stairs. Work-out time!}

 {Our kitchen/cafeteria and hangout buliding. The food was so good! Next year, I'm getting a giant card made from our group to thank the staff for keeping us well-stocked on coffee, cocoa, cookies, and the multitude of other foods.}

 {Our emcees for the weekend.}

 {Camp, as seen from a ways out on the lake.}

{"Chihuahua" dance time!}


{Girls' cabins.} 

{A close friend, Anna, whom I love dearly.}

{Eden's group in the "Un-Talent Show".} 

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