Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blizzard 2014

   Blizzard... fun, inspiring, AWE-inspiring, emotional, tiring, WORTH IT.  So this was my first year going to Blizzard.  Every year in January, my youth group packs up their stuff, crams it into trailers, gets on a bus, and drives to Wood Lake Bible Camp in Wisconsin.  Then we proceed to spend multiple days trudging up and down a hill through the snow, all to learn about God.  And it is fun!!!!!

   This year's theme was "The Story" and the speaker was James "Jimmy" Gotta, a high school Spanish/English teacher.  We learned a TON (waaaaay too much to put in this post) about the story of God's people.  There are three characters: God (the Creator, Father, Bridegroom/Husband, Brother, and Redeemer), Satan (the liar and accuser), and God's people (His children, bride/wife, and brothers/sisters).

   We learned about how God created EVERYTHING (with special emphasis on how personal his creation of humans was as opposed to the impersonal-ness of his creation of everything else). We learned how man bought into Satan's lies and rebelled against God.  We studied how God's people (His own family) continue to rebel and sin against him, despite his incomprehensible love for us, and how God sometimes allowed horrible things to happen in order that His people might return to Him.  We studied how God decided to take up our challenge and prove his love to us by himself coming and allowing us to murder him (a gruesome, grisly death).

   And we learned how we are a part of the story... Those who chose can become a part of God's family. We can jump in and add to the story. It's not done yet!!!

   During our times of worship there was one particular song that stood out to me.  It spoke to my heart, in a way in which nearly no songs do.  It exists, ingrained in my heart and soul, as my constant prayer.  Constantly, whether conscious or not, it is the thought, prayer, and cry of my soul. My deepest wish and constant desire. And while I still struggle with many things (I still have times of rebellion, and I still feel distant at times from the Lord) I know that my soul is won and with Christ I will always stay.

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