Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Last Update...

   It is getting closer to our trip to Nicaragua... We're leaving in 11 DAYS!!! I am getting anxious to go, and at the same time am a bit high-strung and apprehensive about how the trip will go (and how all the details will come together). For the final details, I am in the crafts group for the VBS we will be doing... And I am excited! Anyhow, here are some final prayer requests I have...
     1. Please pray that God would continue to provide everything I need. I am still short on the necessary clothing, which is also one of the more difficult things to handle.
     2. Please pray that God would also provide for the rest of the team. A few of the other team-members are still behind a considerable amount of funds. This does not mean they will be excluded from the trip, but our team will be short on funds.
     3. Pray that God would prepare our hearts and souls (and minds) for the trip. We want to go and serve and teach as Jesus did, with a Godly mindset. We also have been working to learn Spanish so that we might be better able to serve, share, and connect.
     4. Pray that He would prepare the hearts of those who we meet. We want, most of all, to demonstrate God's love, justice, and hope to our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters as well as those who do not know Him. Please pray that through us, God would make an impact upon those we will meet in Nicaragua.
     5. Please, please, please pray that God would protect our team from all illness and injury. We hope to avoid ecoli, malaria, sprained ankles, and everything in between.
     6. And pray, more than anything else, that we would remain in the center of God's will, doing what He wants. We want to serve Him and in all things obey Him.
   I want to give you all one more thanks for all your support and prayers. I am so immensely grateful beyond anything I can say. Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!

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