Friday, January 9, 2015

Remembering 2014

   Now that 2015 has rolled around, and we have had a week or so to settle in, I thought I'd share my 2014 with you, from the new and exciting events to the old, familiar things of life. So without further ado, here's my 2014:

Jan. 16 - 20: I went to blizzard, our youth group's winter retreat, in Wisconsin.

I got glasses!

March 24: Continuing to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Here I am with the shelter's resident guinea pig, Hershey.

March 28: Got my permit! In this photo my second "dad" (my friends' dad, Mitch Theis) is teaching me to drive... and I haven't even had my permit for 12 hours!

June 15 - 21: Operation St. Cloud... I posted briefly about it here. Needless to say, God made himself so evident in everything we did. I absolutely loved it! 

July 12: My 17th birthday!!! I got to spend my birthday with my aunt, Nancy; we went to the Landscape Arboretum, got drinks at Caribou, played tons of card games, and went to the movies.

July 24 - August 4: I went on a missions trip with the youth group to Santa Elena and Managua, Nicaragua. It was such an amazing experience, and I would jump at the chance to return! To read any of my numerous posts about my experience click here (and follow through the links at the bottom of the attached post for my other posts). PS: The two photos above were taken by Steph Theis.

August 22: Haircut!

August 26: First day of school! This year, I started doing PSEO (taking some college classes at the local college)... and it's lots of fun! This was a booth myself and a friend made for Hispanic Heritage Month.

October 31 - November 3: Fall Retreat with the youth group was an amazing time to connect with God. My favorite part is sitting by the lake during free time, just being silent.

   And one final highlight: I have a new aunt!!! Anyhow, thanks to all of you for sharing this year with me!

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