Saturday, July 11, 2015

Operation St. Cloud 2015

   It's been a few weeks, but I wanted to share a little about Operation St. Cloud this year. The trip started on June 14th this year, and ran through the 20th. Our team, this year, was composed of about 34 people, split 50/50 into guys and ladies. With such a large team came many challenges, such as transportation, sleeping arrangements, etc. In addition, several team-members, myself included, were anxious that, due to the large number of teammates, conflict and arguments would be unavoidable. In addition, we were expecting that there would always be people slacking off. However, that was not so. Instead of dragging us down, our large size became quite the asset, allowing us to give the children at the sports camp much more 1-on-1 time. We were also able to get much more accomplished around the Place of Hope, which was really nice! So, God took that negative and turned it into a positive, which I am incredibly grateful for!

On Monday, at the end of the day, just chillin', waiting to start worship.


Tuesday, goofing off in the kitchen. A new friend even told me to keep it in all day... Um, nope!

Sports Camp...

These two were definitely the kids' favorites when it came to who was going to push the tire swing...

Just diggin' tunnels.

The kids' chalk art...
Heading out on our hike back to the Place of Hope... Nearly every day there was a group that was forced to walk back. It was done with minimal complaining.

Wednesday, playing soccer while we wait for street evangelism.

This year, we buried him...

Painting 3rd floor.

The whole team (borrowing this from Kristina).

   So this year, the trip was great! I am so sad to say that I only have one more year to go with the team (as far as I know). But I am so glad that I was with this year!

   If you want to read about the past two years, here they are: Operation St. Cloud 2013 and Operation St. Cloud 2014.

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